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Claims Involving Law Enforcement And Official Misconduct

Our state and federal constitutions protect individuals from being treated differently due to their race, sex or nationality (Equal Protection), false arrest, or the use of excessive force.


Law enforcement officers are like the rest of us. Most are fair and competent, but a small number are not. Unfortunately, the minority can cause a great deal of damage to the public they are chartered to protect. You may be entitled to protection and compensation under our nation’s civil rights laws, which effectively appoint private attorneys as public attorneys general to ensure that the rights of private citizens are not violated by public officials.


Attorney Chimes has represented numerous individuals who have been denied their civil rights. He has successfully represented several individuals who have been the victim of police misconduct, including an individual who was severely beaten and suffered brain injury, an African-American who had been the victim of racial profiling by the police, and a rape victim who was subject to false arrest after she complained about the sexual assault to the police.

Whistleblowing And Exercise Of Free Speech


Our state and federal constitutions protect our right to speak out on matters of public concern. State and federal laws also protect workers from retaliation by their employers for speaking out on discrimination, workplace safety and other important issues. The False Claims Act (Qui Tam) rewards individuals who provide information that leads to the recovery of money obtained from the government by fraud.


Attorney Chimes has represented many individuals who have suffered retaliation after speaking out on matters of public concern as well as whistleblowers reporting government fraud.


Title IX / Education Abuse / Misconduct


Title IX Protects students from sexual discrimination and harassment.  In addition, sometimes students or educational staff are unfairly accused of sexual misconduct and denied any form of due process. Attorney Chimes has significant experience representing students and staff in these types of claims.


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