Advocating For Workplace Rights Leveling The Playing Field

Protecting The Rights And Interests Of Employees

You have the right to be free from harassing or discriminatory behavior in the workplace. You also have the right to your wage as defined by local, state or federal law, or the right to have the terms of your employment contract enforced. At the Law Office of Lewis Chimes LLC, we believe that all workers deserve equal access to the legal system, and proper representation to secure their rights. We have represented a variety of employees, from C-level executives to low wage workers, and everyone in between.

In employment matters, you need an experienced litigator to best advocate for your interests.  Lewis Chimes has been fighting for the rights of employees for over 35 years, and has achieved some of the largest verdicts and settlements in Connecticut.

We can help assure that you are being treated fairly and demand accountability when you have been the victim of illegal actions or unfair treatment in the workplace.

We Have Experience With Any Legal Issue That Arises In The Workplace

We provide guidance to individuals, ensuring that they receive the benefits and protections afforded to them by contract or by law. We have significant experience in a wide variety of issues employees face in Connecticut, including:

  • Contract and Severance Negotiations
  • Discrimination (Including age, race, sex, disability, gender orientation/identity)
  • Sexual harassment and Hostile Work Environment
  • Whistleblower Protection
  • Retaliation
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Protection of Employee Benefits/ERISA
  • Employee Free speech Claims
  • Non-competition/Non-Solicitation Agreements
  • Executive Benefits
  • Wage and Hour Protection
  • Public Employee Rights
  • Professional Licensing and Discipline

We provide comprehensive legal services in all aspects of employment law and employment disputes. Please call our law office in Stamford at 203-324-7744. You may also contact us online. One of our attorneys will call you to discuss a possible consultation.