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The cost of coming forward: What sexual assault survivors face when speaking out Women from all walks of life who come forward with accounts of sexual harassment or assault often face retaliation

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Firm News |

LaQuisha Anthony never imagined her darkest moment — a sexual assault she endured as a college freshman — would one day lead her to be a champion for fellow survivors.


Almost 20 years after the incident, Anthony testified in front of the Pennsylvania state senate in Harrisburg in 2019, sharing “pretty much all of the grueling details,” as she put it, to make the case for bills that would give survivors more time to pursue cases.


Coming forward on the record — in front of state officials — was jarring, to say the least. But sharing her story was “necessary” so people could understand the ways sexual misconduct can impact survivors years later, she said.

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